terça-feira, 11 de junho de 2013


  I seriously don't think I have any good memories of Valentine's Day (in Brazil it is celebrated on June 12th).    I've been trying very very hard to remember, but only the crappy ones get back to me, so I'm starting to believe Ive never really had a good one.  There was this one time I got into a huge fight driving to the amusement park, and I cried so hard that once we got there I had absolutely no more energy to go on any rides and have fun.   There were inumerous ones when I expected something nice, but if I wasn't the one planning stuff and making shit happen, then we were just not doing anything and that was that.
   I think it's part my fault for always having such huge expectations towards this specific date, for I've been sold all my life that you're only ultimately happy if you find a perfect boyfriend who is romantic and everything.  Now I still want to find someone that loves me back (which is the fucking hardest thing to do).  It seems I always find myself in relationships with people who are just so freaking in love with themselves that they just dont give a shit about anything or anyone else.  It was always about what I could do for them.
   So my advice for you people who are in relationships (if it's worth anything), is just don't expect so much.  Sometimes people weren't born with a romantic bone in them, but value them if they are everyday by your side helping you solve shit, and not just giving you more shit for you to solve.  Be thankful for people who stay by your side bearing your ups and downs, and believe and forgive you when you make mistakes, after all, no ones perfect.  But if you happen to have found someone you like, which is also romantic, and plans trips with you, and gives you presents, and writes you poetry, then you're just a lucky bastard.
    And if you're alone like myself, just get your black lipstick on and go party your ass off, and remember the fact that you don't have to worry about anyone else's plans and or feelings and or commitment and or mood and or problems. Plus, there's a whole nother world (see picture below) ahead of you.  I'd much rather be alone, than to have another shit Valentine's day.

   XX- Sabbra

thanks for @themagdalenaexperience for the pics

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