sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012


Ok, so this is the perfect guy we see on Lana Del Rey's videos.  Every time I see those videos I soooo wish I was her...  But in real life, this guy's married to a real rocker chick called Porcelain Black, which gives us all hope that stylish guys like this don't all like boring-ass girl-next-door types...

" I used to be angry, with everybody. I’ve just been angry up until recently, there’s more to the world then hate and anger. Getting married and moving in with someone, that changes a lot of things. Living with someone who cares about you, really cares about you. Makes you look at life like, life’s not all that bad. I’ve dealt with some shit before, its cool, shit can turn around. If I’m going to be negative and pessimistic I’m never going to live my dreams out because negativity only brings out negativity. If I start taking a more positive outlook on life and start caring, Karma works its Karma for a reason."

check out an interview with him here: 

and the Lana Del Rey videos he appears in:

Blue Jeans

Born to Die

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